Rose Bowl Seats

A couple of the best seats in the house


December 28th, 2015


These are the actual tickets you will get

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How this works:

I am using StubHub to sell these tickets.  That is because it gives the buyer a guarantee that the tickets are real, valid, and sold by the true owner of the tickets.

Through my high donation level to UCLA, I am the authorized owner of these 2 seats.  They are my private seats for all UCLA games and all other events at the Rose Bowl.  They are in the prestigious, private Club “E” section and there is a very limited supply of tickets in this area.  These tickets have been issued to me directly from the Rose Bowl Stadium and if you notice do not have a price.  That is because they are not available to the general public or the participating schools.

What makes these tickets special?

  • They are in the front row of the Club “E” section.  In my opinion, it is a million dollar view with only the field, the mountains and the sky in front of you.  There is absolutely no one in front of you to block your view.  It is just you and the field. I feel like I own the stadium in these seats.
  • Exclusive entrance and private elevator or escalator access to the Premier Club E level.
  • Seats are literally within a few steps of new, clean, and uncrowded rest rooms, a full bar, an outdoor veranda to view the concourse, and the seats have an overhang to provide protection against rain and sun, and stereo speakers to hear everything.
  • Private full bar.  The Rose Bowl is a mostly “dry” stadium. There are only a couple places where you can drink alcohol and this section is the only one where you can take your drinks to your seats.
  • Oversized and padded seats.  Only in the Pavilion will you find padded seats, and the Rose Bowl says that these seats have about 40% more room than the rest of the stadium.
  • These specific tickets come with a full free buffet.  Before offering my tickets for sale, I specifically asked my Rose Bowl representative if my seats qualified for the buffet and he confirmed it. He told me this one will be a really nice spread and is expected to have a carving station.   Most of the tickets seem to be selling for the same price regardless of whether or not the buffet comes with them.  So you might as well buy the tickets that come with it. There is a main buffet section which is in a proper restaurant type sitting area, with floor to ceiling glass walls so you can watch the field from the comfort of a temperature controlled room while you eat.  I feel like I am in a “Team Owner’s Suite” when I am in there. There are also two other smaller buffet sections closer to the seating areas so you can quickly get something during a TV time out. When you enter the Pavilion you will show your tickets and since these tickets entitle you to the buffet, they will provide a wristband to give you access to the buffets, or you can pick up your wristbands in the VIP Tent in parking lot 5.
  • You will be sitting in the exclusive Level E, of the Terry Donahue Pavilion, which is often considered the celebrity seating area for the Rose Bowl.  For instance if you watched last year’s Rose Bowl Game, they showed a number of recognizable people such as Magic Johnson in Pavilion seats.  Sean Combs  (aka Puff Daddy, Diddy, P Diddy, and Sean John) is often seen nearby at UCLA games. In other words, these seats are of the exact same style and comfort as the ones that one of the wealthiest men in America purchases when he attends games at the Rose Bowl!
  • A note about the tickets:  If you are a collector, these tickets have been retained in a smoke free/odor free/damage free environment.  They are in a pristine collectible condition.
  • There is no face value on the tickets because they are never available to the general public.
  • Tickets will be available for pick up at the StubHub Will Call booth AT THE STADIUM on Game Day. This way, you will not have to worry about getting the tickets on time, or meeting a stranger to buy the tickets. Also, if there are any problems, the StubHub staff is there to take care of them for you.

UPDATE: I just LOWERED THE PRICE BY $500 PER TICKET this morning.  At this new price, these are in my opinion, the best deal in the stadium.  I won’t be dropping the price again, I’ll just attend the game myself (nothing like watching the Rose Bowl Game from some of the best seats in the house!).  They are now the least expensive FRONT ROW seats in the ENTIRE CLUB E section.  I expect these tickets to sell soon at this price because they really are special seats.

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