Rose Bowl Seats

A couple of the best seats in the house

What do you get?

December 25th, 2015

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Amenities include:

  • Exclusive entrance and PRIVATE elevator or escalator access to the logeprestigious Club level.  While everyone else is climbing possibly hundreds of stairs in the hot sun to get to their seats, you will be whisked to yours in a few air conditioned seconds.
  • Great UNOBSTRUCTED views of the game and the beautiful Arroyo Seco Mountains. These seats are in the FIRST ROW of the prestigious Club section.  There is absolutely no one in front of you to block your view.  No tall people with hats, signs or umbrellas interrupting your enjoyment. No one standing or jumping in front of you causing you to miss the big play.  It is just you and the field. In fact, you will be sitting in the Terry Donahue Pavilion, which is often considered the celebrity seating area for the Rose Bowl.  Here is a video of Sean Combs  (aka Puff Daddy, Diddy, P Diddy, and Sean John) at a recent game.  Note: I think this may be in the section next to my seats, but if you notice the seats he is sitting in, they are almost exactly what your seats will be like (front row, padded extra wide seats etc). In other words, these seats are of the exact same style and comfort as the ones that one of the wealthiest men in America purchases when he attends games at the Rose Bowl!
  • Unlike the rest of the stadium, this section has numerous STEREO SPEAKERS so that you don’t miss any of the announcements.  Ever been to a game where you couldn’t hear what the announcer was saying?  Couldn’t hear the penalty that was called? Couldn’t hear or understand the interviews on the big screen?  Not likely to happen in these seats.  I have found this to be unusually valuable for following the game.
  • With These seats you can enter the Rose Bowl one hour before the regular seat holders.  That means you can have the entire Rose Bowl to yourself.  No lines at the souvenir or concession stands and it gives you plenty of time to enjoy the FREE buffet and maybe a beer before the game starts.
  • Overhead covering to protect you from rain or extreme sun.
  • As I am an original owner selling these seats, your tickets will give you access to a complimentary ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT buffet literally a few feet from your seats by what is probably the most well known gourmet catering company in Los Angeles, the world famous Wolfgang Puck restaurant. Puck is the official caterer to many Los Angeles landmarks, such as the Hollywood Bowl and the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Enjoy your gourmet meal inside the beautiful air-conditioned Loge Lounge or take your food to your seats.  There is a carving station and they break out all the great deserts in the second half as well!  Don’t pay for your meal – buy my tickets and get a full buffet for FREE.
  • Like to enjoy a beer at a game? The Rose Bowl is an almost entirely alcohol free stadium. You cannot bring it in and the bar_renderinggeneral public cannot purchase it inside the stadium. You also cannot drink alcohol at your seats…UNLESS YOU HAVE THESE SEATS.  There is a private bar literally seconds away, and this is among the rare sections where you can actually take your beverage to your seat.
  • As club house seat holders you are entitled to access BOTH the climate controlled private Club and Loge lounge areas.  loungeThese 15,000 square feet areas have multiple TVs and large wall-high glass windows to watch the game from, which is a great option if weather conditions are uncomfortable or you just prefer to watch the game indoors instead of outside in your seats. They are open two hours before the game and one hour after.   You can spend as much time in the climate controlled indoor lounge area as you want.
  • The seats themselves offer extra-wide cushioned seats and cup holders, approximately 40″ of legroom which is almost 50% MORE space than the typical Rose Bowl seat.  Not to mention how much better this is than the tens of thousands of bench or hard plastic cramped seats that you might get stuck with.
  • This section offers CONCIERGE SERVICE. Basically, sitting in these seats is the equivalent of upgrading to first class on your next flight. Sure it costs more, but life is short and this experience will leave you with memories for a lifetime.
  • Access to new, clean, premium, private restrooms just a few seconds walk from your seats.
  • Finally, to own these exclusive Rose Bowl seats requires a significant investment for owners like myself. What this means is that you will not find drunks, fights, rowdy behavior, or any of the other unpleasant situations seen in the public seating sections.  At the 2008 UCLA/USC game there were over 50 arrests and two stabbings.  My point is not to scare you (we all know these things happen at major football games in the public seating areas), but to let you know that in these seats you will likely never have to worry about a single incident in this section.  If you are from a visiting team, you will be treated in a very welcoming manner and in fact if you want, will have great conversations with other Club seat owners.

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