Rose Bowl Seats

A couple of the best seats in the house

What is the experience like?

December 25th, 2015

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Watching your team burst through the tunnel onto the Rose Bowl field in front of as many as 90,000 cheering fans is one of the most amazing experiences you can have as a fan.

For this game, the experience will be similar to this:

An hour before the regular seat holders can even enter the stadium, you will enter the Terry Donahue Pavilion through an exclusive private entrance and take your choice of a private air-conditioned elevator or escalator whisking you up to your premier Club section.

Upon entering the private Club Lounge area, you will have access to a

loungecomplimentary gourmet buffet (these particular tickets will give you full access to the buffet for FREE).  You can either take your food to your seats or hang around in the air-conditioned Loge Lounge.  There are plenty of TVs, dining tables, and almost floor-to-ceiling windows to see the field from.  This is probably the best location in the entire stadium for taking photos.


Then just before the game begins, you will walk a few feet to your premium section FRONT ROW SEATS with absolutely no obstructions, and no fans in front of you.  Get comfortable as you slide into the extra-wide cushioned seats, with approximately 40″ of legroom which is almost 50% MORE space than the typical Rose Bowl seat.


At half-time, enjoy a beer at the bar a few feet away.  You can take it to your seat, or enjoy it in the climate-controlled lounge, or on the bar_renderingoutdoor patio overlooking the concourse.  Because of the Rose Bowl alcohol policy, these are among the few seats in the entire stadium where you can drink an alcoholic beverage at your seat.


At the end of the game, take your time exiting.  While the rest of the stadium is required to exit immediately, you will have a full hour to stay after the game.   You can wait for the traffic to die down, take photos, relax, or watch the band on the field.

The seats are located in the Terry Donahue Pavilion, which is considered by many to be the celebrity seating area for the Rose Bowl.  Here is a video of Sean Combs  (aka Puff Daddy, Diddy, P Diddy, and Sean John) at a recent game.  Note: I think this may be in the section next to my seats, but if you notice the seats he is sitting in, they are almost exactly what your seats will be like (front row, padded extra wide seats etc).

This is the same walk your team will take to enter the field:

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