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A couple of the best seats in the house

Where are the seats?

December 25th, 2015

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These seats are located in the new Premium Club “E” section of the Rose Bowl.  The seats and the premium section opened two years ago.  They are “owned” by the seller, which means I am the original owner and have a license to use these exact same seats for just about every event at the Rose Bowl.

Also, to be clear it is not just about the location with these seats.  If you have read the rest of this site, you will see that they come with  prestige, outstanding convenience, and exceptional amenities not found in the rest of the stadium.

So where are they?



From the Rose Bowl web site (italicized):

The Premium Seating Pavilion is the brand new, state-of-the-art building on the West side of the Rose Bowl Stadium…With over 55,000 sq. feet of entertaining space and…fixed premium seats, the renovation of America’s Stadium will combine top-shelf amenities with unmatched sightlines never before experienced in Southern California.

The Rose Bowl Stadium Premium Pavilion is the only way to guarantee the best seats to the top events at the Rose Bowl Stadium. Whether spending an evening with family and friends or entertaining business clients, premium seating at America’s Stadium creates a memory to last a lifetime.


For the first time available at the Rose Bowl Stadium, Club Seats offer prime seating locations along with exclusive club access. With over 15,000 square feet of space, the club lounges offer Rose Bowl Club Seat Holders the opportunity to relax in a temperature-controlled lounge with a complimentary buffet, cash bars and multiple televisions while overlooking the Rose Bowl game action and the beautiful Arroyo Seco Mountains.

Professionally decorated, fully furnished and adorned with upscale features, food and beverage counter, drink rail and extra-wide, cushioned exterior seating, the Rose Bowl Club Seats provide Club Seat holders and guests with every comfort imaginable.


  • Outdoor seating with extra wide, cushioned exterior seats and cup holders
  • 36″ – 40″ of legroom – almost 50% more space


  • Includes food and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Option to purchase alcoholic beverages
  • Private entrance, elevators and escalators
  • Access to private restrooms on the premium level
  • Concierge service
  • Access to exclusive air conditioned, 15,000 sq. ft. club lounge

The following are excerpts extracted from the Rose Bowl press release on the new seats:

For the first time in the Rose Bowl Stadium’s 90-year history, patrons looking for the best view in the house will have the opportunity to be seated in the lap of luxury.

The Rose Bowl is currently in the midst of a $175 million construction project that entails many cosmetic and logistical improvements to the stadium, but perhaps the most impressive of the changes are the implementation of modern luxury suites, premium seating and lounges that aim to reinvent the idea of premium seating.

“This building is going to be phenomenal in terms of amenities provided for the customers,” said Rose Bowl General Manager Darryl Dunn. “People will be really impressed and love what they see when they come to the first UCLA game.”

Roughly one-third of all the premium seats will be available by the time UCLA kicks off its 2012 football season against visiting Nebraska on Sept. 8, though all of those tickets have been sold. All of the luxury boxes, loge boxes and club seats will be ready for the following 2013 season.

The renovation and addition of premium seats located on Levels D, E and F of the press box structure on the west side of the iconic stadium is currently underway.

 “We’ve never had a football experience like this in California,” said del Prado during a recent tour of the construction site. “There have been no premier seats, no club seats, no private clubs or private lounges. It’s going to be a new experience.”

Club seats on Level D and Level E are also a new addition to the Rose Bowl’s premiere seating options. The outdoor seats offer more than three feet of legroom, 50% more than the standard seats inside the bowl and tickets include food and non-alcoholic beverages. Club seat holders are also granted access to an exclusive 15,000-square-foot club lounge and a complimentary parking space for every four tickets purchased.

“It’s an upgraded experience from [sitting inside the stadium],” Dunn said. “They’ll have all the amenities, access to lounges and if you want to have a glass of wine or a beer, you have that ability.”  …club seat ticket owners will feel the VIP experience before they arrive in the climate-controlled interior suite or sit in the extra-wide, cushioned exterior seats…and all premium seat owners enter the Rose Bowl through a private entrance and ascend to their boxes on private elevators and escalators.

Dunn said that the planning for the luxury seats drew inspiration from classic baseball stadiums such as Fenway Park, Wrigley Field and Camden Yards. Boston’s Fenway Park (opened in 1912) and Chicago’s Wrigley Field (opened in 1916) were of particular interest to Dunn because planners were able to add luxury suites and seat options without undergoing construction that compromised the stadium’s historic feel.

“A lot of the challenges that they have, we have,” Dunn explained. “It’s an old, historic stadium and they turned it around.”

“We wanted to modernize without changing the feel or look of the place,” del Prado said. “We wanted to impact as much as we could to the overall positive game experience for people without tearing down and rebuilding.”

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